Modifying docker opts no longer works


We’ve been modifying /etc/default/docker so that the daemon grabs the “–insecure-registry” option since our test environment requires it, but starting yesterday (or about that), this no longer seems to be propagated to the service.

Any idea why that would be?

See one of the builds failing:

We are moving the default Ubuntu release from Trusty to Xenial

As a result, your build’s Docker version changed from 17.09.0-ce to 18.06.0-ce. I suggest reviewing documentation to achieve the same effect.


Apparently the new version uses /etc/docker/daemon.json to configure the daemon.

Adding an example of how I fixed configuring insecure registries in our before_script section of .travis.yml in case other people encounter the same issue:

- "sudo cat /etc/docker/daemon.json | jq '. + {\"insecure-registries\": [\"\"]}' | sudo tee /etc/docker/daemon.json"