[Maven] Maven Central repository restricted communication via HTTPS only which breaks the stock settings.xml


As of January 15, 2020 the Maven Central repository is only accessable via HTTPS protocol only. Not sure if this is a common problem in Travis CI or something went wrong in our build but some of our maven modules were trying to call the Maven Central repository using HTTP protocol, even though it was not specified in our maven pom.xml, so I assume it is some kind of Travis CI generic configuration. We were manage to fix this issue with our temporary solution but my question is, if this is a common problem in Travis CI and is specified in the Travis CI own ~.m2/settings.xml, do you guys planning to update it to only call Maven Central repository via HTTPS?


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Hello, there. Sorry for the troubles. Do you have a build log URL that shows the problem?

Hi @BanzaiMan!

I’ll only have access to the logs on monday but I’ll try to find them when I get there. The only thing that can be seen in the logs is the maven build pulls the dependencies using https and in one of the modules it starts to call if using http. But I’ll try to get the logs on monday.

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@BanzaiMan thank you for the update! Sorry I couldn’t get the logs so far but I have some other stuffs to do at work and I didn’t have any time for this, but thanks for the update and the pull-request!

I’ve tested it but doesn’t seem to work yet. So it’s still work-in-progress. Sorry for the delay.

No worries, our temporary solution is working so once the work here is done I’ll remove ours. Until that I’ll remove the solution from your comment to avoid confusion.

Fixed it.
Will ship shortly.