Manual approval stage in the middle of a build to make manual adjustments before deployment?

Thanks for your response. I have a followup question: does Travis CI support a manual approval stage in the middle?

No, it doesn’t.

If you tell me what you want this for, I may be able to suggest something else to achieve what you need.

I want human to make adjustment before the new change is deployed to production.

Have the build logic recognize some kind of a flag and make the deployment conditional on that flag.

Then have the human push their manual changes and cause a build that would have that flag set.


  • if the flag is an envvar:

    • condition:
        - <...>
        - on:
            condition: -n $DEPLOY
    • triggering a build:
      • trigger a manual build – via Web UI or API – with custom configuration:
            - DEPLOY=1
  • If the flag is a tag on a commit

    • condition:
          tags: true
    • triggering a build:
      • just push a tag