macOS builds aren't created despite having a concurrency-based plan

I’ve faced with problem of starting new Integrations in private iOS repository with macOS image.

We are on “1 Concurrent plan” 69 $/month. But when I push onto target branch, no integration initiated.

I’ve found invisible /requests section in repository dashboard where I see many errors: “Owner Welltory does not have enough credits.”.

Our Android repository doesn’t have such problems.

Looks like tariffs are updated and we have to buy credits separately for macOS builds in addition to our “1 concurrent plan”? Or it’s some kind of billing system bug?

Does anybody have such problems?

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I have this exact same problem too. Payment went through. Android builds are fine, but iOS pushes haven’t triggered Travis for a few days now.

That error message is very vague. Could somebody help clarify it? What are the possible causes?

We’ve fixed it by buying credits.

Obviously, it’s required for teams with iOS + Android projects to purchase tariff plan + credits to continue using Travis.

Our expenses increased without any visible reason. Good reason to take a look at other CI solutions.

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According to , macOS builds aren’t included into a concurrency offer and have to be paid for separately with credits.

Could you update the plan page @native-api? Pretty misleading

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