Login Not Found

I’m having trouble logging in through Windows Command Prompt. I installed Travis using Ruby. Then I ran

travis version

which output


Next I ran

travis login --pro

because I’m using travis-ci.com for my builds. I input my username and password as promted, but it returns

Not Found

I used my GitHub to log in to travis-ci.com, so I’m using my GitHub username and password to log in through the Command Prompt. Why might this be happening, and how can I fix it?

Use --debug / --debug-http to see the exact requests being made. This will show where exactly that “Not Found” is coming from.

Hey @brennannewton,

One of the ways you could try logging in is as follows:

travis login --pro --github-token (your github token) 

This worked! Thank you!

Even this didn’t work for me.

This asked for Username and Password and then Response was Not Found.

Hey @shilu-stha,

Can you give me the exact error? Was it just Not Found or was there more to it?