I cannot log in to travis-ci.org

I sign in with github.
redirect to github then redirect back to travis-ci.org but I am not logged in.
No error pops up and i tried with all browsers and their icognito version.
trying to log in with command prompt returns
alaahouerbi has not granted Travis CI the required permissions. Please try re-syncing your user data at travis-ci.org/account/preferences and try logging in via travis-ci.org
but i cannot login via travis-ci.org

You should probably use travis-ci.com as we’ve migrated most things there. Please read this:


I still would like to get a travis-ci org token as I am using it for a research project.

You’ll need to migrate to https://www.travis-ci.com, and request an allowance by emailing support@travis-ci.com.

I do not have a project or build script that needs to be migrated to Travis-ci.com.
I just need a token for querying the Travis-ci.org API.
I cannot get that token unless I log in to the travis-ci.org website. Should I still email support@travis-ci.com