Loading repositories hangs; 403 with "installation_missing" on /repos

When I log in on travis-ci.org, I don’t see any of my repositories - it just hangs trying to load. I went to settings and clicked on “sync from github” - but it doesn’t do anything (but a message always says it synced less than a minute ago - so it probably already worked). Going back to the main page of repositories, I checked the network requests and see a 403 Forbidden on this request:

With this response:
@type”: “error”,
“error_type”: “installation_missing”,
“error_message”: “installation required”

Also revoked github permissions, signed out, and signed back in to re-authorize github and hit the same error.

Any help on troubleshooting would be appreciated. I used travis briefly a week ago and it seemed to work fine. Not sure what is happening now.

Just logged in again - looks like this problem went away. Though leaving here for the record.

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