Language csharp?

Are there plans to make csharp available on windows. I would like to compile normal .net framework applications - not just .net core.

Thanks for the free work for public domain.



Yes, we’re looking into it! The main limiting factor is figuring out how to install C# using bash on windows, which seems like it may be a little tricky.


Any update on this? This is probably the last thing stopping me from switching to Travis CI entirely, for most of my projects.

FTR - I don’t really care about .NET Framework. Only the .NET Core SDK is important for me.

But to install dotnet core using bash on windows would be easy? Maybe we could start there?:grin:

Any updates? I promise to switch from Appveyor to Travis when there is support for .NET Framework. :slight_smile:

Have you tried:

or or any other from chocolatey?

Out of sheer curiosity - why do you want to install .net using bash, and not create the image with .net pre-installed?