Is .NET 5 support coming?


Is .NET 5 support on the cards? I’d like a .travis.yml like this to work:

language: csharp
mono: none
dotnet: 5.0.2
 - dotnet restore
 - dotnet build

.NET SDK 5 is downloaded from the same Apt repo as previous versions so I don’t see why not.

Just the versioning is different: the package versions available as of this writing are 5.0.100, 5.0.101 and 5.0.102. 5.0 should work, too.

I’ll try this and see if it work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. FYI I chose to move away from Travis as the .NET build github action seemed to just work for my needs without much hassle. However I hope this will be useful info for others :slight_smile: