Jobs conditional on secret environment variables not running

In our latest builds (this is the one from our master branch three hours ago) the first two jobs, which are conditional on two secret environment variables, were apparently not run. However, the two variables are made available to the other jobs (we don’t use them there, but at least the logs say so). This build from two days ago is the last complete build of the master branch.

By the way, for some reason global environment variables are now shown on the overview page, which clutters it and wasn’t the case so far (see the two results linked above).

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We’re seeing this issue with our builds as well. I’ve got a support ticket open with Travis. I’ll report back here if I learn anything.

Hello, there. We’ve identified and fixed the bug. Could you restart your failing build again and report the results?


@BanzaiMan I’m facing a similar problem. My project’s build keeps failing when I use encrypted env variables and But they work fine when they are not encrypted.

I don’t see any build that has an if condition to add jobs conditionally, so whatever issue you are having with your configuration does not seem related to this issue.

Yep, seems to work again (see here). Thanks!

However, I wasn’t able to restart an existing build to check it (via “Restart build” button) as the new build didn’t include previously ignored jobs (see this restarted and canceled build of the master branch).

Global env variables are still listed. Was that change on purpose?

I might have been wrong on this bit. In other words, restarts might not have caused the fix to be effective.

Listed, where?

Listed, where?

In the build overview where all jobs are listed. The global variables (defined in are now listed for each job (looks like this, includes duplicates as some of the defaults are overridden for individual jobs). This is how it looked before last week (i.e. only the variables defined in jobs.include.[].env were listed), which was a bit clearer.

I understand now. The global environment variables are shown.

should fix this.

Ah, great. Thanks for the pointer.