JetBrains.Annotations, Version=2020.2.0.0 not found

The nuget package JetBrains.Annotations seems to be not available.
Build 303 :

Considered “/home/travis/build/hahoyer/reni.cs/bin/Packages/JetBrains.Annotations.2020.1.0/lib/net20/JetBrains.Annotations.dll”, but it didn’t exist.

Check the contents of bin/Packages/JetBrains.Annotations.2020.1.0. I see that this file is inside but looks like it’s somehow absent from the installation.

I’m also suspicious about the backslashes in NuGet’s output. If they are not being translated to forward ones behind the scenes, you’re getting the packages not where you intend to.

Those stupid backslashes were the problem.
Thank you.

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