Issue: Build hangs right after downloading and setting up the cache

I’m trying to build a Rust project on Windows machines with cache activated. On both linux and MacOS, the build is successful, but on Windows machines, it seems to hang trying to download the cache. Here’s an example of a failed build:

The travis.yml:

Anyone know what’s going on? Is this a known issue?

Everything’s okay, there just were no saved cache for Windows at that point. See on how caches are segregated and searched for.

Sorry, I linked the wrong build. you can see the build hangs for 10 minutes trying to, I suppose, extract the cache? The extraction step works fine on both linux and macos (takes around 2 minutes there).

This has has nothing to do with cache retrieval because it happens after the cache has been successfully retrieved.

Judging by the fact it hang two times in a row ( and and succeeded after you cleaned the cache ( (and there were no .travis.yml changes in between), something in the cache may have broken the stock logic though I fail to see what.

May be related to Current known issues — Please read this before posting a new topic (secrets are not filtered) although they claim they fixed the hangs.

This is very likely due to Windows Defender slowing down the process. See this answer for a remedy.