Integrating my gitHub repository returns "We couldn’t find any active repositories you have access to."

I just switched to (from .org). I would like to migrate by github repository “GitHub - dcousin3/superb: Summary statistics plotted with correct error bars” to travis for testing the R package. The .travis.yml file is unchanged from .org where everything was working fine. However, in trying to integrate this repository, I get “We couldn’t find any active repositories you have access to”. I can integrate all my other repos but not this one.

Any reason why?

I’m experiencing the same problem as @dcousin3, but instead on this repository:

I have no idea what’s wrong… and builds are suddenly not supported on Seems like a big problem, but I can’t find any reference to issue in the docs.

Same issue as @dcousin3 . Trying to migrate my project GitHub - matei-tm/garmin-m8m: Garmin smart watch family application from

Solved! On the dashboard page on migrate tab (Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence) you should migrate the repositories. Before migration you are asked for joining the Beta program.