Installing rust nightly via rustup on s390x fails

Trying to build a rust project that requires rust nightly on s390x fails early trying to download the toolchain in the ssl routines trying to retrieve entropy:

It’s not clear if this is a hardware issue accessing the hardware RNG in the ci environment or just a bug in the rustup installer. I’m not sure how best to proceed to debug this issue without having direct access to an s390x environment. Any help would be appreciated.

I suggest getting in touch with the Rust team. It doesn’t seem to be the issue with the lack of entropy, but accessing it. You may also set RUST_BACKTRACE=1 to gain more debug information.

Thanks for the suggestion I was leaning that way but figured I should open a thread here too, just in case there is something else going on. I have opened an issue with rustup here (with the full backtrace from the failure): lets see what the response over there is.