Installing/Developing plugins


In comparison with Jenkins, is there such a thing in Travis as installing/Developing custom plugins/add-ons?
I found some limited integrations with Travis here but there is no much information about it.

Any help is appreciated!


Hey @grount! We have a few integrations for notifications (Slack, IRC, etc), but we tend to steer clear of plug-ins. We have a lot of support for various workflows built into the product intentionally (different language versions, tooling, etc.). Is there a particular thing you need help on, or think we should support? Thanks a bunch!


@acnagy The company which I am working at would really like to integrate her products with Travis CI. Is there such possibility to do that?


Hey @grount! Apologies for the silence here! Actually, if you wanna email and ask for the product team, we can chat in more detail. Thanks so much!