Installer command line with switches hangs

any way to get past the unknown publisher dialog? running a third party install that isn’t signed.

./libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0.exe /batch /dest /tmp/libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0;

it has a batch mode to run instead of ehe gui but I think ir is hitting the unsigned/unknown publisher

Windows Server Core has no GUI so it can’t display any dialogs whatsoever. So I seriously doubt that this is the “unknown publisher dialog”.

Perhaps you can supply some command line parameters to the installer to make it report on its progress – either to console, or to a log file that you can show in real time with tail -f.

Changed the execution line to

      wget -O ../libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0.exe;
      mkdir -p ../tmp/libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0;
      ../libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0.exe //batch //no-reg //force //dest "..\tmp\libsaxon-HEC-win-setup-v1.2.0";

Seems the switches like /batch need the slash escaped

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Yes, I remembered now. This is an issue with MSYS (which Git Bash is based on). It treats /<stuff> as a UNIX absolute path and converts it, resulting in a nonsensical command line.

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This project is building on the three.

It is an example of nodejs v8-11 with native add on using node-gyp, node-pre-gyp with java jni jet process.