Install hdf5 on windows VM

I need to silently install HDF5 libs on windows. But the process hangs as msiexec command without giving any error message, and gets killed after 10 minutes.

I tried the same command locally and everything was fine. And the installation should take no more than one minute.

What could be the problem here? Thanks.

The config I am using:

language: node_js

  - "node"
  - "14"
  - "12"

  - windows

  /c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Microsoft\ Visual\ Studio/2017/BuildTools/Common7/Tools/VsDevCmd.bat;
  which cmake;
  wget -q -O /tmp/;
      unzip -q /tmp/;
      ls ./hdf;
      mkdir -p `pwd`/hdf5-1.12.0/dist;
      cd hdf;
      echo `pwd`;
      readlink -f HDF5-1.12.0-win64.msi;
      ls -lastr `pwd`/HDF5-1.12.0-win64.msi;
      msiexec /i `pwd`/HDF5-1.12.0-win64.msi /qn /lv!;
      cd ..;
      which h5dump;
      ls `pwd`/hdf5-1.12.0/dist;
      export HDF5_HOME_WIN=`pwd`/hdf5-1.12.0/dist;

Here is the link to the build