Huge pages support within LXD

I’m trying this for DPDK project. There is permission issue when setting hugepage which is required to run DPDK:
Used “sudo sh -c ‘echo 1024 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages’” in

Although we can skip hugepage setting for compiling jobs, unit test jobs will require this to run.
So LXD itself is not sufficient due to security constraints.

Will you support huge pages within LXD?

Thank you.

Hi @Reyfone

Thanks for testing out the ARM builds!

We really appreciate such feedback, as various use cases presented allow us to refine the feature and make it more complete.

Wrt to security: as ARM builds are currently run within LXD containers, some priviliged access is not possible, as it could allow access from within container to a host-wide features/resources.

For reference: Multi CPU Architecture#LXD and security, one of the topics where it’s been explained

Wrt hugepages usage from within LXD container: after some consultation it won’t be available quickly. It requires certain changes in Linux kernel and integrating these with LXD. Although feasible, it’s not the highest priority at the moment. It’s been filed within LXD team for now and we need to respect their current work plan.
Thus, it seems to me your use case qualifies for ‘full VM support’ on ARM - that’s kind of feedback we need at the moment. No set dates yet though, but please stay tuned.

I know it’s not necessarily what you hoped for, however we are looking forward to change that.

Best Regards

Hi Michal,

Are there any updates on hugepage support for aarch64?