How to handle MacOS Code Signing

Hello Community,

i am new to CI and I want to build an Mac App on Travis CI. So I created a completly new MacOS App in Xcode and pushed it to my GitHub Repo to let it build with Travis. But the build on Travis failed with the message:

No signing certificate „Mac Development“ found: No „Mac Development“ signing certificate matching ID ”XXXXXX“ with a private key was found

I didnt configured anything in my Xcode Project… its just the blank new created Project.

My build Command:
xcodebuild clean build -project MyApp.xcodeproj -scheme “MyApp” -sdk “macOS 10.15” -destination “platform=macOS” ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO

How to handle CodeSigning in CI Workflow? On my local Machine it does CodeSigning automatically.

Googling “macos code signing travis” gives a few relevant results.