How to get a job number from the organisation repository?

hello, i need to build artifact (.jar) with the job number, i was reading travis api V3 documentation, but i still don’t know how to get my github organisation id (i am the owner of this organisation) to get the repository to get the job and its number… i tried curl command, as described in API Developer Documentation - Travis CI, but it fails. I also downloaded travis CLI, but there is no “orgs” command or something like it. I also tried command curl but the output was only: []. Do you have any ideas, what the command i need use to get the job info of the repository in my organisation, and how to get organisation id? Thanks.

Hi @ExtraExtremeERA,

Make sure you are trying:

curl -L

Alternatively if you have the Travis CLI installed, you can run:

travis show -r user_name/repo_name

This would be the Ruby code to concur:

require 'travis'
repos = Travis::Repository.find_all(owner_name: 'user_name')
repos.each do |repo|
  puts repo.slug

You can probably figure out what slug is in this situation, etc. Hope this helps.

Happy building!
Montana Mendy
Travis CI Staff

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this did it for me was trying to do figure out 2 days ago! @montana u are a gem to the Travis community