How to disengage from old repo of same name?

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I had a GitHub fork of I was preparing a patch so I had some Travis jobs running against it.

I learned someone squatted GnuPG name so I deleted the fork today. The deletion happened on GitHub.

I setup a new fork with the same name using the real upstream. So I still have a GnuPG, but now it is local fork pushed to GitHub by me rather then someone else pretending to be GnuPG.

Travis stopped working once I deleted the fake GnuPG and added the new GnuPG. For example, I can no longer switch off the repo, and I cannot trigger a build. I get API errors. Sync’ing does not help.

I realize I am the cause of this problem. Here is the Travis page for the repo.

How do I clear the API errors?

Have you been able to solve the problem @noloader? I made the same mistake today and I don’t know how to fix it.

Sorry about the late reply.

I seem to recall the problem cleared itself up after I posted the message. I’m not sure if it was happenstance or moderator intervention.

I’ve had similar trouble since then, though. I find when I get the API errors, I should visit, log-out and then log-in. Then I can modify the project’s settings in Travis.

OK, it appears that it only takes a while for the change to propagate. Now a refresh of the repositories worked.