How do I star a repository that's not in my Active Repositories?

My travis dashboard shows no repositories for me, but tells me I could start “starring” repos.
Unfortunately in the “my builds” view there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so, nor in the views I get on clicking on one of my builds. tells me that I can star repos from the “active repositories” view. But that view is empty (“No active repositories could be found”), which might be caused by all my repositories being owned by an organization I have created on github: Or being caused by travis in the account settings telling me: “You are not currently a member of any organization.” which isn’t true.

Is there another way to star repos?

Ok… …found a partial solution: Clearing all cookies for travis populates the “Organizations” and “Active Repositories” view. But it seems not all of my repos I am truly interested in count as “Active”. …And I would like to be able to star a repo I am not officially active in.

Seems like enabling the “Legacy service integration” makes repositories count as “Active” and therefore eligible for starring.

Is there a way of starring repos I don’t own?