Heroku Deployment Fails, but Doesn't

So, I have my Travis-CI build set to trigger a deployment to Heroku on a passing build (because Heroku’s auto deployment after CI build doesn’t trigger properly). Yet anytime it tries to deploy, it provides the following error in the code from Travis-CI Build

No stash entries found.
API request failed.
Message: Invalid credentials provided.
failed to deploy

Yet, I’ve checked this via Heroku logs and just plain loading up my app, and it DOES in fact trigger a deployment successfully each time. Heroku accepts the credentials, says a build has been triggered, does it, deploys it. 0 issues on Heroku’s end.

This seems to just be an issue with Travis, or maybe an issue with the response packet I assume Travis relies on. Any word on a fix? Or is this actually Heroku’s fault?

Build Example: https://travis-ci.org/github/andrewtyl/www.ajessen.com/builds/673325350

Please try v2.

Still did it. Build: https://travis-ci.org/github/andrewtyl/www.ajessen.com/builds/674979669

This is strange. We make API calls as described by Heroku. If the API call is failing but the build succeeds, then I feel like it’s an issue with Heroku. Have you contacted them?

I figured it out.
I’ve been using BOTH travis-ci.org AND travis-ci.com
I’m supposed to be just using travis-ci.com