Gravis-CI: reliable multiplatform Java / Gradle builds on Travis CI

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I created a set of scripts (for now just two, they may grow in future if I need something more or if someone else contributes) devoted to work around the continuous issues we are experiencing with downloading JDK versions due to the abuse of the great script.
As @sormuras suggested in another topic, Jabba could be a more reliable method for installing the JDK. Gravis does so. It works around the Travis Java support (in fact, I recommend using a language: bash build), installs the JDK selected from the Jabba archive, works around Travis bugs / limitations, and performs the operations.
Instructions are available here, this is the first project where I used it.



All green now! :heavy_check_mark:

Now, Travis CI should map their jdk: <key> configuration values to your Jabba-based script(s).
Does Jabba support -ea versions from If not, those early-access build can still be served via

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If I were to decided for Travis CI, Iā€™d route all non-ea and all non-GA requests to Gravis-CI/Jabba.

jdk: openjdk-ea may still be handled by
jdk: openjdk${GA}, with GA=12 as of today, GA=13 in September, and so on could also be handled by

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