Google's gcloud no longer allowing the use of python 2 affecting dpl v1 deployments

Google has released gcloud 427.0.0 which now rejects running with the python 2.7 interpreter. I have noticed that dpl v1 runs google deployments, such as app engine, using python 2.7 along with the latest version of gcloud. This means that dpl v1 for these google deployments are now broken, with the gcloud installation step indicating python 3 is required.

dpl v2 runs google deployments along with a python 3 interpreter, so deployments with v2 are not affected. A broken deployment can be fixed by opting into v2. I understand that the goal is to switch to v2, however, dpl v1 is still the default. I suspect that many google deployments will have not opted into v2, and therefore will now be broken with this release of gcloud.

With this update, it seems that either, dpl v1 should switch to using python 3 for gcloud deployments, dpl v1 should explicitly use gcloud 426.0.0 instead of the latest version, or dpl v2 should become the default when using any deployments relying on gcloud. I have been able to correct my own deployment by adding the edge: true provider property opting into v2. I know v2 is still considered beta and may not be ready for wide use. Regardless, I think one of the above actions should be taken to minimize the effect on existing builds.


Hi @SADA-Sam,

The assumption here is correct. Using edge should fix some of the issues. I’ll bring this up with my PM and see if we can make a workaround.