FreeBSD VMs support

Cirrus-CI has recently announced FreeBSD support, and became the first CI service running BSDs.

Would be useful if Travis provide users similar support.

See the comparison chart at

There is os: freebsd now, but it doesn’t seem to be officially supported yet. At least, language: bash image is available.

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Sorry for reviving such an old topic :slight_smile: Is there any plan to add newer images, such as 12.2 or a recently released 13?

I tried specifying FreeBSD 12.2 image as dist: freebsd-12.2. The build however seems to be ignoring the dist fields for os: freebsd and keeps using the 12.1, which is marked as EOL.

FreeBSD 12.1 is EOL, but Travis is still on 12.1. Is Travis support for FreeBSD is dead? Aret here any plans to update to any new image?