Fluctuation of system performance on arm64

DPDK project has integrated Travis CI on arm64. Couple of jobs run functional unit tests.
Typically, such unit test case finishes in 10 seconds. But some times, x10 times is used.

Normal jobs looks like this, less than 1 second is needed:
Some times, the same test run for over 100 seconds:

I don’t believe this was caused by patch or test case itself.
The test case accesses file system in fixed number of counts.

Is the environment performance fluctuation a common problem when system load is high?
Happened to find a blog talking about CPU throttling. Not sure it is the same issue here.


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Hey @Reyfone,

I was wondering if this is still an issue? I really appreciate it.

The same issue didn’t occur in past weeks.
Thanks for working on this.
Best regards.

Great to hear @Reyfone,

Any other issues please let me know and I’ll help you with anything you need.