Find: 'sc-*': No such file or directory , sauce connect is failing

according to the log, sauce-connect script is failing, not very verbose though :frowning:
am I missing something here?

$ travis_start_sauce_connect
Using temp dir /tmp/sc.swTW
/tmp/sc.swTW ~/build/yahoo/protractor-retry
Downloading Sauce Connect
Extracting Sauce Connect
Waiting for Sauce Connect readyfile
find: ‘sc-*’: No such file or directory
/c/users/travis/ line 748: : command not found

Try running the build in debug mode - I notice that the build times out. Might be a bit more helpful for when I look at it I can dig a bit deeper.

Thank you,

I checked out your doc

look like debug mode is not supported on windows and that s where it s failing :frowning: and where I want my tests to run

At the moment we do not support Sauce Connect on Windows.

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Ok :frowning:

any idea of an ETA? or it s not in your roadmap for now?
I can be a good candidate for testing in case :wink: