File permissions just gone up to 664

Could it be that in v6.1.0 files right after git clone+git checkout have 664 permissions instead of 644?

Up to today it was 644.


Thank you.

Looks like umask is set to 0002 on GCE, as opposed to 0022 on EC2.

Thank you. This is very abnormal.

I thought TravisCI uses an in-house container, not GCE’s.

Could it be reverted? Where should I propose this to Travis?

We are running all builds in GCE now. Please read

If the permissions are important, the best way to ensure it is to set them during the build for now.


(OT) Up to 664?! That’s too close! Two more points… and it might open a portal to Hell!

Thank you.
The thing is there is no step in Travis config before git clone, that must be a Travis internal stuff.

Could you revert the normal Linux 0022 umask?

Why does this matter, anyway? It’s not like you have other users on the build machine that you need to protect the files from.

We have a 0644 permission check to avoid PR-s/contributions with executable bits.

The way to check for executable bits is to check the executable bits…

 test $(( PERM_BITS & 0111 )) -eq 0 && echo ok || echo X bit present