Failed to fetch the reposiotry details using travis ci

I am using below api endpoint to fetch the repository details. While trying using curl it’s working. But same not working using Ansible task.{{ ORG_NAME }}/{{ REPO_NAME }}

Ansible Task:

        url: "{{ ORG_NAME }}/{{ REPO_NAME }}"
        body_format: json
        method: GET
        follow_redirects: none
        validate_certs: false
         Content-Type: "application/json"
         Authorization: "token {{ access_token }}"
        status_code: [ 200 ]
      register: repo


“msg”: “Status code was 500 and not [200]: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error”,
“redirected”: false,
“server”: “cloudflare”,
“status”: 500,
“strict_transport_security”: “max-age=15724800; includeSubDomains”,
“url”: “”,
“x_request_id”: “xxxxxxxxfc3e4e3a3021d864815177”

Could you please post the complete call you’re making (to reproduce the issue on our end?)