Check if repository is using Travis CI using API



I’m trying to replicate this paper, and during a task they checked if a repository was using Travis CI sending an API request regarding the user and the repository.
From the paper:

I was wondering if someone could give me an example of query, since as far as I understand, I cannot query the API endpoint regarding other users with my authorisation key.
What I have is a dataset (GhTorrent project) containing the users and the related repositories.

Thanks in advance


It would be best ask authors of this paper if you are interested in the exact API calls, since the paper was published in 2014.

Otherwise, you can look at for the current API references.


It seems that the correct endpoint was, as the Travis CI consultant told me this is the public access point. The problem with me was that I didn’t set User-Agent header, which wasn’t set in the main documentation of travis and I didn’t see in the other examples.

Hope it helps in the future