Failed to authenticate with snapcraft login

I just tried to add a deploy stanza to my project to push the resulting snap to the Snap store. I used the dpl v2 syntax as recommended by the docs. I set the Snap store token using travis env set SNAP_TOKEN ....

The log ends with the following

$ rvm $(travis_internal_ruby) --fuzzy do ruby -S gem uninstall -aIx dpl
Gem 'dpl' is not installed
$ rvm $(travis_internal_ruby) --fuzzy do ruby -S gem install dpl --pre
Successfully installed regstry-1.0.14
Successfully installed cl-1.1.5
Successfully installed dpl-2.0.0.alpha.11
3 gems installed
Support for deployments to Snap is in **development**. Please see [Maturity Levels]( for details.
Install deployment dependencies
Installing deployment dependencies

Authenticate deployment
Attemping to login ...
$ snapcraft login --with W2xv****************

Failed to authenticate:
failed to deploy

It looks to me like the call to snapcraft login isn’t right, the --with option takes a file name containing the token, not the token string itself.

Looks like this has been fixed in dpl a couple weeks ago, but not yet released.

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Using dpl v1 resolves this for now (see the commit and the resulting successful build log). And the next dpl v2 alpha release should include the fix mentioned above.