Disable language installation

Given that Python is only supported on Linux, not OS X or Windows, I am starting to write a Python-getter to fill this hole.

Presently I use language: generic and matrix across setting an env var for each Python version. I went this route since I didn’t know how to make Travis not try to install Python on OS X.


It would be nice to be able to use the normal language: python and python: for matrixing the Python version thus leaving the env var matrixing for it’s normal uses.

Is it possible to have the matrix built against python: sub entries without Travis trying to install Python for me?


Build the matrix with env and vary your build based on that. There is no need to complicate language: generic.

I only used language: generic because I didn’t know of another way to disable the automatic Python install step which doesn’t work on OS X (and I would guess not Windows either). I was hoping more for using language: python and install_python: false, or maybe an env var or such to disable it.

The thing about using the env for matrixing the Python version is that now you can’t use it for other env vars you might want to matrix against. Well, other than manually building the combinations, afaik.

The big picture is that’s it’s great that Travis supports all three major platforms (Linux, OS X, and Windows) but it’s kind of useless for the Python community since we have to do everything manually outside of Linux and lose features like the automatic matrix building.


Before writing your own solution, consider multibuild first.