Deployment to Google Cloud Storage from windows only transfers a few bytes


Build log is here:

This line:

Shows a file to be deployed to google cloud storage via this config:

- provider: gcs
  access_key_id: "$GCS_SYMBOL_ID"
  secret_access_key: "$GCS_SYMBOL_KEY"
  detect_encoding: true
  bucket: scintillator-gargamelle-symbols
  skip_cleanup: true
  local_dir: "$HOME/symbols"
    condition: "$DO_COVERAGE = false"
    all_branches: true

Which seems to work just fine on linux and osx.

The file at deployment time is 890K according to that directory listing in the build log. However the file stored in google cloud storage is only 400 bytes or so. It has the same name and .gz extension but isn’t actually compressed. It looks like the first 400 bytes of the uncompressed file.

I have tried adding and removing the detect_encoding flag, thinking that there was some issue with the file being compressed and how it was being sent, but this makes no difference.

I note that there’s some caveats for Windows support for the various cloud storage providers, but I’ve looked through the forum for a similar issue report and haven’t seen any.

I would appreciate any help or advice, thanks!