Deploy with regexp branch skipped with error `branch not permitted`


I have specified multiple deploy script providers:

  1. Last three deploys are only on master branch, so its right to skip them.
  2. The first deploy which is on all branches matching regexp: /^release\/.*$/ should run for this branch release/2.1.5. However it’s skipping this deploy too.

Can someone point why the release branch deploy is skipped in this case? I want the first deploy to run on linux and release branches only like: release/2.1.5.

Travis build:
Travis Config file:

– Apoorva


- <...>
      - /^release\/.*$/

I don’t see this syntax anywhere in

According to, the syntax is rather:

condition: $TRAVIS_BRANCH =~ ^(staging|production)$

AFAICS from the code, condition: is a Ruby expression, and it can also be a list whose entries would be joined with logical AND.