Dart installation in ARM fails with "unzip: command not found"

Hello guys, I added the ARM architecture to my build stage but when running the build I get errors during the installation of the Dart SDK. How should I proceed to compile my application on the ARM architecture in Travis?

Dart for Travis-CI is not officially supported, but is community maintained.
Please file any issues using the following link
and mention `@athomas` and `@a14n` in the issue
$ export PUB_ENVIRONMENT=travis
Installing Dart on linux
5.20s$ curl --connect-timeout 15 --retry 5 https://storage.googleapis.com/dart-archive/channels/stable/release/latest/sdk/dartsdk-linux-x64-release.zip > ${TRAVIS_HOME}/dartsdk.zip
0.03s$ unzip ${TRAVIS_HOME}/dartsdk.zip -d ${TRAVIS_HOME} > /dev/null
/home/travis/.travis/functions: line 109: unzip: command not found
The command "unzip ${TRAVIS_HOME}/dartsdk.zip -d ${TRAVIS_HOME} > /dev/null" failed and exited with 127 during .

It seems to me that some dependencies are missing in the S.O such as the unzip application

Please link to a build, an excerpt provides insufficient information for diagnostics.

Hello, thanks for reply.
The build link follows below:


What information do you need?

@athomas @a14n Comparing links at https://dart.dev/tools/sdk/archive with https://travis-ci.com/github/cloudstateio/dart-support/jobs/355440133#L240, Dart support in Travis doesn’t support ARM64.

Hi, sorry but I didn’t understand the answer for sure, was this an assertion that there is no way to execute builds for ARM or was it just a reckoning of the fact and should it be corrected?

This should be corrected in my book but it’s up to Travis staff and language ambassadors whom i pinged if and when this happens.

For now, you can use language: generic for the corresponding job and install Dart yourself according to their official instructions.

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Thank you I will do this