Connection timed out or name resolution failed on Arm


Sometimes, I encountered unexpected network connection timed out and DNS resolution failure in Arm containers. These unexpected failures were a little bit annoying. Does anyone meet the same issues? Please see the build report below:

It would be great if the Arm container is a little bit more stable. Any comments are appreciated.


Plus: Because I ran jobs for x86 and Arm64 simultaneously, I found no such issues exist in amd64 vm. Please see:

I’ve had these problems yesterday, but none of today’s arm64 builds failed because of network problems.

+1 - I’ve been seeing this for a week or so and they continue today

yesterday, failed on deploy connecting / DNS lookup to github -

4 days ago, failed during test runs with an issue looking up -

Today, I re-run some jobs on Travis CI.

The name resolution failure issue occurred again. Please see the report:

Hi @jay0lee @yzyuestc @s09bQ5

Thanks for reporting on that one. We are investigating possible improvement on our end and will get back to you if successfully applied.

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Hi @jay0lee @yzyuestc @s09bQ5
We’ve added some DNS related improvements yesterday (changelog to follow shortly). Could you let us know if you still run into name resolution failures on arm builds?

Hi Michal @Michal, The name resolution failed on Arm occurred again. Please refer to the report:

I’ve seen similar issues many times, but also in regular x86_64 builds. They always go away after restarting a job, which makes it difficult to reproduce.