Compiled ruby 2.5.3 not yet available on macOS environments



Is there any ETA on when a precompiled ruby 2.5.3 will be available for macOS build environments?

Last week we pushed a change to our .ruby-version file to use 2.5.3, and our macOS build stopped working.

(Specifically: the command rvm use $(< .ruby-version) --install --binary --fuzzy fails, because the --binary flag prevents compiling from source).

Initially we thought we may have needed to use the latest image, so we also pushed a .travis.yml change that went from osx_image: xcode9.3 to xcode10, but that made no difference.

After investigating further, we came across, and subsequently, where we submitted a PR (based on the README instructions) for 2.5.3.

Unfortunately, the PR failed to build, and it is not immediately clear from the build logs why. (We’re guessing that this very same failure is the reason why a precompiled 2.5.3 was not already available prior to our PR).

Just wondering if you have an idea when we can expect support for this latest ruby version on macOS build environments?

For what it’s worth, 2.5.3 contains no additional features/fixes over 2.5.2 (which IS already on the list of precompiled rubies for macOS), it just fixes a packaging issue with 2.5.2.

#2 builds 2.5.3 for each macOS version that we currently support. These may or may not work; during the build RVM is updating OpenSSL, which could cause run time problems. I have not been able to compile 2.5.3 without updating it on the Mac, so some additional work might be necessary in order to have 2.5.3 work on the Mac.


Thanks Hiro


A quick check shows that it works for most images as is except xcode6.4, xcode7.3, xcode8, xcode9.3.

The first 3 are 10.10 and 10.11, and we may not have to worry about them too much (xcode6.4 will be removed in a couple of months). I’ll look at xcode9.3 a little more.


Yep, agreed. Our build passes using xcode10. I’ve closed the PR that we created earlier, as it is no longer required.

Thanks again.