ChromeDriver gives me a null

Hi fellow Travis community, maybe @Montana can look at this?

The travis.yml file looks like below:

language: node_js
  - '18.16.0'

dist: jammy

  chrome: stable

  - # start your web application and listen on `localhost`
  - google-chrome-stable --headless --disable-gpu --remote-debugging-port=9222 http://localhost &
  - npm install

  - npm run generic
  - npm run login
  - npm run signup

I run the test using testsuite and get:

Error while creating session with the driver service. Stopping driver service: Could not start a new session. Response code 500. Message: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 117
[0-0] Current browser version is 116.0.5845.187 with binary path /opt/google/chrome/chrome 

I’ve tried using buildpacks, different OS’s etc. This is a blocker for us right now. We are a paying customer!

Hi @howtotalktogirls,

It looks like you’ll need to remove any ChromeDriver dependencies and environment variables pointing to Chrome’s location e.g. the buildpacks. Instead, rely on Selenium’s automatic driver manager to handle retrieving the correct ChromeDriver version. The Selenium Manager will handle retrieving the right version of ChromeDriver. This makes this a lot easier handling the driver setup.

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Hi @montana,

this was the answer! tried this quickly and build succeeded!

Hi @howtotalktogirls,

I’m glad I could help you solve your problem.