Can't setup releases using token

  1. I’m trying to add releases into .travis.yml for the public repository.
  2. I’ve created a token in GitHub with public_repo & repo_deployment
  3. I’m using “travis” CLI to setup releases using GitHub token, but it fails.
$ travis login --org --github-token G1tHu8T0K3N
Successfully logged in as Foo!
$ travis report --org
Logged In:                as "Foo"
$ travis whoami
You are Foo
$ travis setup releases --org -t G1tHu8T0K3N
invalid access token - try running travis login --org
$ travis setup releases --org -t G1tHu8T0K3N --debug --debug-http
** GET "repos/Foo/Bar"
I, [2019-03-30T02:25:42.065521 #26387]  INFO -- response: Status 403
Via: "1.1 vegur"
invalid access token - try running travis login --org

What I’m doing wrong? Do I need to expand permissions on my token?
I had this working with my other repo, and I had only “public_repo” permission and it worked. I’m not sure what I did then.