Can't deploy to PyPI anymore: pkg_resources.ContextualVersionConflict: importlib-metadata 0.18

Hey everybody,

I face this issue on .com. Did anyone ported / deployed the fix to .com?

Here is the broken build Fails on last command even thus it’s green.

If anyone still faces the issue and looks for the fix, you can install twine with next options:

python -m pip install --upgrade --upgrade-strategy eager twine

As state above, it will will resolve the dependencies proper way.

@rmk135 The fix is for the stock PyPI deployer. You are not using it but rather deploying things yourself.

@native-api, got it, thanks. So it’s not Travis issue, but more pip / twine / keyring problem, correct?

@rmk135 Pip problem. It doesn’t properly update a dependency when it’s installed but some of the other packages requires a newer version. Apart from --upgrade-strategy eager, using the new resolver may help (with --use-feature=2020-resolver or by using Pip 20.3+).