Can't clear caches as 'Caches' settings page empty

There’s no Caches listed in my projects cache page so I can’t clear any caches, yet the build itself finds and uses a cache How can I restore this functionality?


Hi @Helveg,

we’ve been hit by the same issue recently. Dirty caches causing builds to fail and the UI lists no caches, still the builds do load a cache causing the builds to use a dirty cache and fail: a showstopper.

We opted for a temporal workaround which is adding a single-job stage at the beginning with the only purpose to create an empty cache. Forcing the creation of a cache means the job will not try to fallback to any other cache (e.g. from master). Still, the cache file will be empty :wink: . You may use the “Trigger a custom build” feature to add that stage and job without polluting your .travs.yml history.

That is a hacky workaround we used to unblock the build pipeline while we wait for the Cache UI to be fully fixed.


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Thanks for the advice!

Same problem here. Is there still no other solution to this? Is there any better place to track progress?

The Travis CLI doesn’t show or delete the caches either, unfortunately.

This is also happening on paid accounts.

Cause of the problem

We have located the source of this problem. We were (and still are) sending (and using) caches to the storage where API does not see (which is the correct location).

Path forward

  • We will be moving the existing caches to the correct storage location; this allows API to see them (and show them on the caches page), but until the next step is complete, removing them in any way will not affect builds in any way.
  • Once data migration is complete, we will fix the configuration, so that the caches are fetched from and stored to the correct location.

Thanks for your patience.

Cache configurations are now in sync. The existing caches should continue to work, and APIs should be able to see and delete the caches.

Do let us know if you continue to see problems.