Can't clear caches as 'Caches' settings page empty

There’s no Caches listed in my projects cache page so I can’t clear any caches, yet the build itself finds and uses a cache How can I restore this functionality?


Hi @Helveg,

we’ve been hit by the same issue recently. Dirty caches causing builds to fail and the UI lists no caches, still the builds do load a cache causing the builds to use a dirty cache and fail: a showstopper.

We opted for a temporal workaround which is adding a single-job stage at the beginning with the only purpose to create an empty cache. Forcing the creation of a cache means the job will not try to fallback to any other cache (e.g. from master). Still, the cache file will be empty :wink: . You may use the “Trigger a custom build” feature to add that stage and job without polluting your .travs.yml history.

That is a hacky workaround we used to unblock the build pipeline while we wait for the Cache UI to be fully fixed.


Thanks for the advice!