Builds timeout during (or shortly after) "creating directory /home/travis/.cache/sccache"

My project stopped building a few days ago. After “creating directory /home/travis/.cache/sccache”, I get a 10 minutes timeout.

Any idea?

Full log:

Your caches are too large (2 to 3 GB) and they cannot be expanded in the time frame.

Ah, interesting.

How can I confirm this? Does this mean that I should get rid of a subset of cache: rust, cache: npm, cache: yarn?

What do you want to confirm?

  1. That the cache is that big?

    You can’t see the size, but I have access to the data, so you’ll have to trust me.

  2. Or that your build will go if you don’t use the cache?

    In which case, you can either; a) delete the cache, or b) remove the cache definition from .travis.yml, or remove a subset, as you suggest.

Ok, that works :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Found out that the cache sizes are actually displayed in “more options > caches”, so this at least gives me a fighting chance to realize that we’re past 2Gb next time.