Cannot install Oracle JDK 11


My travis builds are not passing today and I am getting this error :

The command “~/bin/ --target “/home/travis/oraclejdk11” --workspace “/home/travis/.cache/install-jdk” --feature “11” --license “BCL”” failed and exited with 8 during .

Here is my config :

language: java

  - oraclejdk11

I’ve read on this forum that it could be because Oracle changed the URL. Any thoughts ?

Duplicate of

Travis CI only needs to update the script.

You may resort to jdk: openjdk11, though.

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We’ve updated, but oraclejdk11 still seems problematic.

Looking into it…

Hm, looks like the “headless” download is no longer supported by Oracle. When triggering a download from their web site ( you’re forwarded to the Oracle login page.

Well, will wait until the end of this week – but's support of the Oracle JDK is about to end. Perhaps Travis should forward from oraclejdk* to openjdk* automatically?

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Tracking progress at