Can you review my sample app that uses TravisCI?

Hi folks,
Recently, I started a project to learn building a continuous integration and continuous deployment flow. I’m new to the topic. Therefore, your comments will be very helpful.

Hi there!

I took a quick look at your Travis CI configuration for this project and although it’s valid, found a section of it that’s a bit redundant and I thought I could add some details here :slight_smile:

This is about lines:

I can see that you’re creating a job matrix where each of the jobs is conditioned to a specific branch:

  - if: branch = master
    env: DEPLOY_STAGE=production
  - if: branch =~ /^release\/v\d+\.\d+(\.\d+)?$/
    env: DEPLOY_STAGE=beta
  - if: branch = dev
    env: DEPLOY_STAGE=dev

Therefore, the section:

  - master
  - /^release\/v\d+\.\d+(\.\d+)?$/
  - dev

Is not needed (it is redundant) with your current .travis.yml setup. The branches.only option was one of the “conditional builds” features that Travis CI offered initially, but with the new Job conditions that were released this year (which you’re using as well -, the branch safelist is not really needed.

Hope you find this interesting/useful, although as I said there’s not really an issue with your current config.


Thank you for reviewing the app and your suggestion. I removed the branches section as you suggested and it still works as expected. :+1: