Can not cancel subscription

I’m currently using travis CLI just for learning docker and deployment. So I choose the free trial option to use it. But today when to try to cancel the subscription, there is no responding on the website about whether I have successfully cancelled it or not and the button “Confirm cancellation” were just loading and then turn back again without any notification about my cancellation. Is this a bug ? Are there any status shows that I already cancel my subscription since I have not seen it.

I have tried to cancelled many times and this is the status that I got.

Hey @hades42,

Try it now.

I tried to cancel again this morning but nothing happened. The same behaviour happed like yesterday.
But I read the plan policy on the website and i saw that for trial plan, I do not need to cancel and I should not choose any new plan after that. Is that true?

Hey, i have the same problem. Have you known, what to do in this situation? Need i try to cancel the subscription, or just wait to trial time end?

Same I’m on trial and after pressing the cancel button I see the response:
@type: “error”
error_message: “Subscription is not active in Stripe”
error_type: “unprocessable_entity”

// POST, status code 422.

Same issue here.

Hello, i am unable to cancel my subscription. i suscribed free trial plan but now unable to cancel it.