BUNDLE_PATH disappears

Setting env var BUNDLE_PATH is futile.

The default ruby install script is bundle install --jobs=3 --retry=3 --path=${BUNDLE_PATH:-vendor/bundle}

“vendor/bundle” should be a default, and the value used if BUNDLE_PATH is set.

But if it is set, a printenv at the top shows it has been unset.

https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-build/pull/1100 touches on this.

And the cache: bundler uses directory vendor/bundle irrespective of what the envvar was set to.

If this envvar can not be changed, the default install command shouldnt show it as a variable with a default value, because it leads people to think it can be modified.

I see… RVM is resetting certain environment variables; I’ve confirmed BUNDLE_PATH, but there might be others. I suggest moving this to before_install or similar.

Could the build re-instate variables that were deleted during setup/configure phases ?
And/or possibly also advise of globals that were modified during those processes.

Or at least do this specifically for BUNDLE_PATH since it is being advertised in the install phase.

Is the cacher getting the original global, or the empty value after rvm? If the latter, setting this variable means that cache: bundler will not work IIUC.

I see. We’ll look into it.