Builds in one repo are stuck waiting to be queued

Builds in one of our repos have been stuck “Waiting to be queued” for 12 hours or more. Updated PRs, force close/open – nothing seems to get this repo started.

we have another repo that has been building without problems. the two repos are very similar, so i don’t see why one would be building fine, and the other hanging “waiting to be queued”.

you can see several builds prior that one, all from today, all of which never made any progress.

IBM is a huge organization with many repositories. There are other jobs running currently, and your build is just waiting its turn.


The build you pointed to was created a little less than 2 hours ago. Do you have any other that you believe are not enqueued correctly?

thanks for the update! a build hadn’t started from 6am till about 2pm. that’s an awfully big backlog, hence our concern. thanks.

Which one? The one you indicated at the top does not fit this description.