Bug: Environment variables display is overly escaped on the github checks page

There’s some sort of escaping issue on the github checks page.

The _ (underscore), [ ] (brackets), and possibly other characters are shown with an extra \ (backslash) next to them. This is an ugly display issue but it also makes it hard to copy and paste the correct environment variable names.

See this screenshot for an example:

A very relevent comment, we’re having the same issue https://github.com/secdev/scapy/pull/2035/checks. It seems this issue has been undercover for quite some time now :stuck_out_tongue:

Another example of how bad it is https://github.com/ansible/molecule/pull/2202/checks?check_run_id=185302870

Based on last two years, I think that we are all better of migrating our projects to other alternatives. I guess I am going to give Azure devops a chance as it has good terms for opensource and more important: it is actively maintained.