Wrong parsing of ENV variables

We are using travis-ci.com.
Having the following configuration for env variables:

- stage: my-stage
    - SAUCE=true SUITE="visual" BROWSER_NAME="chrome" VERSION="latest" PLATFORM="Windows 7"

Previosly, it was parsing it well. From the logs:

e[33;1mSetting environment variables from .travis.ymle[0m
$ export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH
$ export SAUCE=true
$ export SUITE="visual"
$ export BROWSER_NAME="chrome"
$ export VERSION="latest"
$ export PLATFORM="Windows 7"

Since an hour ago, it is now broken, and now is parsing it as:

e[33;1mSetting environment variables from .travis.ymle[0m
$ export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"
$ export SAUCE="true"
$ export SUITE=""visual""
$ export BROWSER_NAME=""chrome""
$ export VERSION=""latest""
$ export PLATFORM=""Windows 7""
/home/travis/.travis/functions: line 109: export: `7': not a valid identifier

(note the error, plus the double “question marks”)

It is causing some issues in our build since now it is detecting “PLATFORM” env variable as “Windows” only, and there is no way to pass “Windows 7” (or values with spaces) anymore.

Most likely an issue arising from

which was later reverted by

If applicable, you can restart the affected build(s)/job(s).

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I relaunched it and now it worked, thanks for your answer!

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